Monday, 11 October 2021

Collection Resolution – Leak Tube Amplifiers – Addendum

 Hello to everybody,

after my successful sale of my tube amplifier collection, fore mostly several Leak models, I have to make a curious addendum. A very old friend offered me after 35 years a rare Leak Stereo 60 back, which I did sell him in the early 1990ties. I had completely forgotten about it since I wasn't in contact to my friend over all the years. As the most people know which do read here such tube amplifiers have got rare and even more rare is such condition. He did not use it a lot, just enough to keep it flawless running over the whole period of time. So I got it back (home I would say) and was a bit astonished about it. I did overhaul it in the 1990ties with even than expansive Audionote (Jensen) Paper-in Oil Caps, which did cost through the luxury distribution a good lot of money in these days. I now did replace all electrolyte capacitors, in particular the original ones, more than 60 years old. I was astonished that I already did change the design to triode mode by shortening the suppressor grids with a 100 ohm resistor in order to improve the sound attitudes. When I connected this amp I was more or less speechless about it enormous sound qualities and its solid driving qualities, which did make my standard set with single ended topology completely superfluous. A exceptional natural fluid sound stage, which is a lot better than any modern produced tube amplifier I do know.

The amp is equipped with used tubes, all in very good condition. The ECC83s are Mullard - Blackburn production, the power tubes are early 1970 Sovtec 5881.

The coupling caps are "Audionote"-Jensen made oil-paper-typres,
even in these days an expensive  upgrade

This rare item will be sold to somebody who might take a good care about this exceptional amplifier. I will be able to demonstrate its perfect performance here to anybody interested who wants a  good tube amplifier for the rest of his life... With its triode connected push-pull design the amplifier is able to drive a quite wide range of speakers from 92 dB upwards on to exceptional dynamic open and natural sound stages. 

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