Friday, 6 February 2015

The New Conversion Kit for SME 3000-Series Tonearms


to everybody interested into the conversion process of classic SME tonearms of the early 3000-series. Several complete kits have been sold or installed since late 2012, when I started to offer it at Ebay. After all the experience with customers from almost all continents and desperately permanently changes with Ebay as main platform for the publishing and sale of the kit, I change the terms and policy. In future a complete kit as already known will not be anymore available, instead I offer a more or less complete armwand as kit (it is coming without the typical headshell socket known from the SME3009/12 Series II tonearms). I am reacting to a broad market request, where there seems to be more interest to find a cheap solution instead of perfectly customized one.

The new kit is dedicated for the solely armwand conversion with a heavy stainless steel tube in order to increase the arm mass for perfect matching of low compliance cartridges. It is still aimed to improve the tracking ability with such cartridges like the Denon DL103 or the all-time favorite Ortofon SPU. This offer is a low cost alternative to the former complete kit and will not include any further support or any sort of customizing option. Price is 299,00 EUR plus shipping and handling fee, depending on the destination. Inquire!

The new kit.

The new kit with stainless steel armwand. It is the same quality and material selection as before, with all proved advantages from earlier kits, only reduced in parts and price.

The built quality

Instead I decided to offer complete conversions as commission with all necessary weights, internal wirement and a refurbishing process for all used vintage parts like pillow bearing polishing and further adjustments of all ball bearings. This sort of commission will be based on personal inquiry through mail. Beside customer missioned conversions I will offer complete like new refurbished converted tonearms here and with Ebay for 1499,00 EUR.

Please check the compatibility for your tonearm before inquiery!

A converted SME 3012

A converted SME 3012 MKI

A commissioned conversion on the base of a complete customer existing SME 3009/12/SII will cost around 650 to 800 EURO including all parts for the armwand, wires and one set of three weights (main weight, end cap and lateral weight), but a precise calculation will be necessary for each admission. The final costs for such conversion are determined by missing parts and extra services. My aim is to bring a almost like new arm out for the customer able to outperform any vintage SME with the right cartridge. It has been established that a short communication via mail or telephone will be the perfect base for such admission.

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