Monday, 10 February 2014

German Wunderkind Revisited – Michael Wollny Trio LP

Hello to everybody reading my blog. In November I did already mention Trio EM as a wonderful talented young german jazz trio. Amazing new ideas about jazz music, wining prizes over prizes,   Michael Wollny is extremely creative with unbelievable output, a skyrocketing career. Here his newest piece "Weltentraum", came out last week. It is in a way a bit different to former performances, it is finer and more subtile, less dynamic, almost intimate in musical character, it is wonderful to listen to.
As far as I do know, his second analogue long playing album, – it is as well a brilliant recording were the older cd's often lack a bit of this quality. ACT did release this record in parallel with cost free mp3 download for the buyer !? Get it, it's just amazing good music.

Read on soon, Volker