Friday, 7 February 2014

My Recommended TrueFi Web Resource List

I just want to offer my reading list of the most interesting web resources about audio equipment to all interested readers here. I have collected within the past 20 years several thousand web links dedicated to vintage audio or tube amplification in order to get informations about quality orientated audio gear. My foremost interest always was and is straight non commercial, my approach is always directed towards refinement and deeper understanding of the distribution of musical information in audio systems and of course to the music itself. So is the blog.

I have no interest in link exchange processes, like it is practiced throughout the most webpages in order to widen a purely theoretical effect of community or to feed the servers of the NSA, it will happen anyway. I will be very open to real contacts with real content. So I just do start with a small list of actual proofed links dedicated to rare topics as a extension of informations in the main issues of my blog. The list will be continued throughout the coming future.

Some of these links have been posted in some of my articles already:

Interesting new blog

The most subversive US-american web page about audio

The forum were Western Electric systems are in theoretical exchange
Western Electric 15 a- your opinions (page 11) - Loudspeakers - Lenco Heaven Turntable Forum

The most busy forum about collecting vintage audio in the web影音天地

A tube amplifier designer who has built them all
手作りアンプ工房Valves' World

A japanese company specialized in refurbishing, rebuilding and restoring WE amps

A american diy resource about the WE/Altec 755 and other projects
JE Labs

The Klangfilm resource

The japanese collector

A very interesting japanese page about the pick up technology

A page about food and tube amps

The Leak collectors reference page
H.J.Leak and Co. Ltd.

A japanese company which copies any historical loudspeaker enclosure type
スピーカーエンクロジュア(BOX) ユートピア製品一覧 Product

The most advanced designed preamplifiers using DHT tubes

The most subjective interpretation of tube amplifiers made in a japanese bar by Sakuma San
Direct Heating

The company page from Line Magnetics (WE gear and other vintage stuff)

The best WE 15A replicas

A WE 16A replica from Korea

One of the most comprehensive blogs about audio

A blog about the production of the replica WE 16A horn

The Tannoy collector resource page

The Western Electric resource page

The deepest understanding of audio components as music transducers in Europe

Take care about your life, the images show where it might end up, either or?

Read on soon, Volker